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this our twisted STORY
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Let's face it, everyone of us has a little (or a lot) of stories that made us who we are. 

Meet Salinah - the founder of Twisted Dua. She is an avid maker, Captain of the Etsy Crafitivst SG team in Singapore and a supplement and craft junkie.  

Short version of story - an inevitable surgery lead to the creation of natural deodorant for her personal usage. That turned out to be the best deodorant she has ever used and eventually the whole family was using it. Being an entrepreneur and after much research and learning, Twisted Dua was found. The brand is much inspired by anything twisted - something that doesnt make sense. Like the walrus in 'I am a Walrus' by The Beatles. And the fact that good things come is pairs. Dua means 'two' - a pair.

Long version of below.

Who we are

How it began......

Hello! I am Salinah & this is my story. You ready?

Firstly, I am the founder of a bespoke handmade premium felt collections in Singapore since 2012, so I am an avid DIY-er. My sisters and I have been seen in many local fairs and events and we are also the host and makers of the Etsy Local Made markets in Singapore. I am the Captain of the Etsy Craftivist Sg and we have organised many popups in Singapore as well. 


When I had a surgery in 2018 for a removal of an annoying benign lump that had been slowly growing over the years, I could not use any off-the-counter deodorant due to pain and burning effect all around the arm.


I attempted to purchase a natural deodorant on but that proved to be non cost-effective due to exorbitant shipping rates to Singapore. So what does a Diy-er girl gotta do?


Yup! She decided to make one for herself.

1 month bed rest proved to become agonising for my hyper-brain. I started indulging in learning about natural healing and ingredients that would make a great natural deodorant. Turns out, a month of rest bears fruit. I made a batch of natural deodorant for my own personal use. I only shared with my sister a few months later and what was meant solely for personal use quickly became a popular demand in the family which then grew to our circle of family and friends. After many more months of research, testing and tweaking for the best recipe, Twisted Dua (TD) was born. 

The name Twisted Dua

The name Twisted Dua simply meant twisted two - as all good things come in pairs and we are all made anatomically in pairs - 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 hands 2 armpits - you get the drift. ;) The name Twisted was chosen simply cos the pits are sometimes twisted in their own ways - having their own minds - sometimes misunderstood and under-represented in our personal care industry. The brand is inspired by anything twisted, fun and materials are carefully sourced, and are earth & animal friendly. 

Want to change the deodorant world by switching users to natural. 

A little about us


Our milestones


As seen on Parents Magazine

Our felted soaps are loved by many - children and adults alike! 

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Strait's Times Life!

Yes, we are the ones who brought Etsy Christmas Markets in Singapore since 2016!

Twisted Dua NEW CERT 2020.png

Beauty Insider Awared for Best Personal Care product

Award-winning natural deodorant by Beauty Insider 2020

All our products are handmade in small batches in our little studio/workshop. 

Ingredients are carefully sourced from various countries to keep the price of the deodorant economical and competitive. 

We appreciate all feedback and to us, the future of personal care is in natural and plant-based formula but what you feel about it matters most.

Our formulation are tested on real humans and some with sensitive skin to make sure that our products suits everyone who wishes to switch to natural.

READY TO SHOP and experience all the goodness? 

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