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Natural is better
and healthier

We are big on SELF-CARE and it begins with you. Naturally we all know that natural is better but after the surgery, the Founder, Salinah strongly believes that it is better to stay away from products that contain chemicals that have been linked to health issues. 

Here at Twisted Dua, all ingredients are carefully and ethically sourced. Some ingredients are organic but all ingredients are plant-based and vegan friendly.  

"Goodbye toxic chemicals. Hello healthy mindful living!"


We are big supporters of brands who take care of the earth - so why won't we? The earth is our only home anyways! Apart from sourcing from ethical suppliers, we are committed to provide eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable packaging for our products.

celebrate individuality

Confidence is key. Health is everything! We stand with #imwithtwisteddua

Every single one of us has a twisted story and we celebrate each individuality with confidence and love.

family life balance

Self-care and self-love is immensely dependable on the people closest to our hearts. By giving love, we get love in return. Our products are made with love to ensure it helps and is safe for every single one of your loved ones. Use our products without any worry!

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