Natural deodorant cream: Happy Hippie : Vanilla and Lavender | Sweet 


Sweet life is a party! Get ready to rule with Happy Hippie and be your truest self. Confident and sexy.


Hand-crafted locally in small batches and packed in new sustainable & eco-friendly packaging, the Happy Hippie scented deodorant helps to neutralise odours naturally and effectively.  Helps to rid of toxins naturally as you sweat without all the funk. A little goes a long way. A small tub lasts a couple of months. Easy to apply one-application to last the whole day, even in our hot and humid weather. 


Scent : A sweet blend of vanilla and lavender with four other essential oils that are carefully selected to protect the skin with anti-bacterial properties. 


Vanilla | Lavender | Cypress | Frankincense | Tea Tree |  Lemon


Aluminium-, Phalate-, Paraben- and Cruelty-FREE 

Gender neutral

Plant-based / Vegan

Suitable for sensitive skin

Keep you smell fresh all day without any stickiness



As most of us are used to store-bought deodorant and anti-perspirant, it is important to note that they body might need some time to adjust to a new clean formula. 

SOTM : Happy Hippie | Vanilla & Lavender | sweet

S$18٫00 سعر عادي
S$15٫30سعر البيع
  • Due to hygiene reasons, all purchases are non-refundable. But please send us your feedback and we will try and get a solution for you at our soonest possible. We create this deodorant to help people transition to a natural personal care routine, so do let us know your concerns and we hope to work a solution together with you.